This is me, in front of the camera ……….

I’m Em, I’m a wedding photographer

I live in a thatched cottage in a village near Reading, West Berkshire with my husband. Our home is a ‘doer upper’ which we’re enjoying transforming (Actually mostly that bit is being done by hubby, I usually get involved at the decorating stage)!

We also share our home with our two rescue dogs and our three boys when they visit. Sundays at our place are sacred. We often end up making them chicken dinner days for both the boys and the dogs. A typical Sunday at Crofters is hubby & I cooking up a feast together that could rival any medieval banquet ! We’re talking about a roast dinner extravaganza, often including a yorkshire pudding cook off & way too many side dishes to eat !

Seriously though, our Sundays are reserved for spending time together no matter how busy & crazy my diary gets !

I am terribly self conscious in front of any camera ! So I honestly do empathise with everyone’s awkwardness when I’m taking their photo. I think that most of us don’t enjoy having our photos taken so I make it my mission to create a fun experience for all of my clients. It’s my belief that if you enjoyed the process of getting the photo taken, then you are much more likely to love it when you see it!

Although I appear shy in front of the camera, I worked in the defence industry for over 17 years before I decided to pursue my passion for photography full time. so I don’t spook easily! Very helpful with organising those group photos, or should the event organiser need some extra help !

You can view other portfolios of my work on  Pixellit Commercial Photography

As a wedding photographer, I won’t just capture the moments; I’ll add to the fun of your day….

When it comes to the guest group photos, or as I prefer to call them, your family legacy photographs. I don’t treat them as a routine checklist task that we must get done. Instead, I like to turn them into a lively part of your wedding day entertainment.

I want your guests laughter and their genuine smiles to sit centre stage in those photos, alongside you. I will bring a sense of playfulness to the process, turning what could be a tedious task into a memorable and enjoyable moment for everyone involved.

My role as a supplier on your wedding day extends beyond the lens of my camera. I’m not just there to capture the smiles- I’m there to create them if some of your guests are reluctant !

If someone needs help with painful blisters or with a crooked tie or stubborn boutonniere, I’m the go-to person. My wedding day kit bag contains way more than just lens cloths & spare batteries !

I like to think that I’m the photographer who ensures that the couple and their guests are not just posing for my photos but are genuinely enjoying every second of the celebrations.

What you can expect on the day …..


Typically I’ll arrive at the location for bridal prep two and a half hours before your wedding ceremony.

This early start means I can be there, capturing the quiet moments as you get ready and photographing all the essential details before the day gets hectic – such as amazing dresses, stunning shoes, jewellery, flowers, smart suits etc. I’ll also photograph the intimate moments with your family members and the rest of the wedding party, perhaps exchanging gifts or wedding day letters as well as those nervous and excited moments that naturally unfold.

I may suggest optimal lighting, usually near a window, for some more formal portraits just before you leave prep for the ceremony, but my goto approach is to document everything as it occurs naturally, telling your story authentically.

I’ll also be whizzing around  your venue, the ceremony area, to get photographs of the stunning decor as your theme comes together & where possible candid interactions as your guests arrive.

At ceremony time, I’m focussed on you & your wedding party walking down the aisle and waiting to capture those exquisite moments of affection when you first see each other & say your vows.

After the ceremony, I’ll make sure to capture the family portraits that will be cherished in the years to come. I’ll discuss in advance with you the essential shots that you’d like with specific relatives, along with creative shots of the wedding party.

I know you’ll be super excited to see your photos after your wedding day.

So I’ll send you a few preview highlight shots 48 hours after your wedding. The full gallery of photos, carefully edited in my signature style, will be sent to you via a password-protected online gallery within 4-5 weeks after your wedding. So you can cuddle up together on the sofa, pop a bottle of champagne or Nozecco, and relive your day all over again!


I’ve had the privilege of photographing over 70 weddings so far & the trust that each & every client puts in me to capture the story of their day continues to be precious. I’m so proud that by the end of their wedding day, I’m often considered to be a friend that preserved the stories & memories of their day for them.

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